Which country is the best at soccer?

Soccer fans around the world will be tuning into the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals between Juventus and Real Madrid on Saturday.

But for those in Europe who are not in the country, here are some facts about the tournament and who the favorites are.1.

Real Madrid won’t be the only one playing in the quarterfinals.

The United States is the reigning European champions, and it’s no surprise to see the Americans take the trophy.

They’ve been knocking on the door of the title since 2008 and have the best goal difference (1.56).2.

The U.S. will face Mexico in the semifinals.

The defending champions have had a rocky start to the tournament with a disappointing 3-2 loss to Colombia in the round of 16.

In the semifinals, the Americans will look to avoid the same fate and take the game to Mexico in front of a national TV audience.3.

Belgium will play hosts in the final.

The host nation will be defending champions France, who have beaten Belgium in the last three meetings in the tournament.4.

Spain and Italy will meet in the semi-finals.

Both teams are battling for a spot in the knockout stages, and Spain has won two straight matches against Italy.5.

Brazil, who were eliminated from the semifinals last year, will host the semi final.

Brazil has a history of playing the best soccer of any nation in the competition and has already beaten Colombia and Mexico twice in the past four games.

The semifinal will be played on Saturday, and Brazil will face off against Germany in a rematch of last year’s final.6.

Germany and the United States will meet the finals.

Germany has won the first two games against the U. of A. finals and the U-23 World Cup, but the Americans have beaten Germany three times in the previous five games.

Germany’s biggest advantage in this game will be the fact that it has a more experienced roster.7.

The final will be a rematch between Germany and France, but it’s not the only rematch.

Germany will host France in the first round of the tournament, and the two nations met in the second round of that tournament.8.

Italy will host Portugal in the third round.

Italy has won four consecutive games against Portugal, who has lost the last two matches.

The Italians have the highest goal difference of the three teams.9.

Italy and Sweden will meet at the end of the fourth round.

The two sides have played every other match in the group stage.10.

England will host Sweden in the semifinal.

England has won all three games against Sweden, and has never lost a game at the Olympic Stadium in London.11.

The winner of the quarter-final between Portugal and Germany will face Spain in the finals, which is also in Germany.12.

France and England will meet for the bronze medal.

England is currently third in the rankings and will be facing Germany in the semis.

England is coming off an impressive 4-1 win against Germany, but will need to beat Portugal, Brazil and Germany to have a chance at winning the medal.13.

The bronze medal game between Sweden and France will be on Saturday night.

Sweden is in second place in the standings, while France is in third.14.

Portugal and England are also in the running for the gold medal.

Portugal is currently second in the table, while England is in sixth.15.

The gold medal game will see England and Portugal face off in a replay of last years final.

Portugal won the last match of the semifinals, and will face England again for the third time in the fourth quarter.16.

Brazil will play host to Russia in the medal round.

Brazil won all of their games against Russia in 2014, and are currently tied with the hosts.17.

The third-place match between Sweden, Germany and Belgium will be in the bronze round.

Sweden won all four of their matches against Germany last year.18.

Portugal will face Argentina in the gold round.

Portugal has won five of their six games against Argentina, and have beaten them three times since 2010.19.

Portugal faces Argentina in their semifinal, which could be the deciding game in the match.

Portugal have been in the hunt for a place in last years semifinals and have been one of the favorites.20.

The semifinals will be between Portugal, Sweden, the U.-23s and Germany.

The teams will play each other in a best-of-three match.21.

Portugal plays Germany in their third round of play.

Portugal, Germany, Spain and Belgium have played each other twice in their group stage, but they all beat each other last year in the best- of-three semifinals.22.

The quarterfinal will be Belgium vs. Sweden.

Belgium has won eight of their last 10 matches against Sweden and are tied with Portugal for third in Group B.23.

The fourth round will see Portugal and France play each another in a Best-


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