What to know about the world cup and its winners

A lot of people were surprised when they saw that the world’s football teams would play in the Rio Olympics.

That’s because, well, they’ve been competing in the Olympics for a long time.

And they’ve had a pretty good run of it.

After all, the soccer World Cup is the world championship of all sports.

That means that every team has a World Cup to play in.

The most recent World Cup was held in 1994.

And since then, the men’s and women’s soccer World Cups have been held in Japan, Canada, the United States, the Netherlands and Germany.

And then there are the European Championships.

That last one is still a year away.

And the world is watching and hoping for a good showing.

There’s no doubt that Rio will be a spectacle.

There are a lot of countries that will be competing, and there will be the usual crowd noise.

But for the United Kingdom, the U.S., Germany, Brazil, Argentina and the Netherlands, it will be their biggest ever World Cup.

The U.K. won the 2014 tournament with a 4-0 win over Germany in the final in Turin, Italy.

This time, though, there will not be as much noise.

They’re still trying to sort out the details of who they’ll be playing in the tournament.

But what we know is that the teams from the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Qatar will be playing the world champions.

The Netherlands, Spain and Brazil will be facing off against each other.

And Argentina, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Sweden and Denmark will be battling it out for the last spot in the knockout stages.

The first game will take place on Aug. 5 in the opening game of the tournament, a clash between Brazil and Argentina.

This is the first time the world will get to see the two best teams in the world at one of their biggest sporting events.

Brazil, who is also ranked as the third-best team in the World Cup, has been the top team in this tournament.

It’s the first World Cup since 1996, when the U-17 World Cup took place in Argentina.

Brazil was also the second-best side in the women’s tournament, but it’s the men who will be getting a run for their money.

Germany and Argentina were the first two teams to make the finals of this tournament, and the two sides have had a close relationship since the men started playing together in the 1980s.

The two teams will be hoping to repeat the success they had in the Women’s World Cup in 2018.

But that will not come easy for the UB and UA.

They will be looking for revenge against Germany.

Germany is the second best team in Europe, but the German team was eliminated by the Netherlands.

Germany beat Brazil 2-0 in the last round of the U17 World Championship in 2018, and has never lost in the semifinals of the women´s tournament.

The German women were the top-ranked team in Asia in 2018 and had the world record of goals scored in the quarterfinals.

Germany was also able to beat the UAB team in a penalty shootout on Sunday.

This will be Germany´s first ever appearance in the FIFA Women’s Super Cup, the tournament that crowns the World Champion.

The United States and France are two of the best teams left in the competition.

The American team has won the Women´s World Cup twice.

The French team is currently tied with Germany for the best team at the 2018 World Cup after winning the Women�s World Championship last year.

It was the U B team that beat the Dutch and scored a brace against Argentina.

The Americans and French teams are looking for their first victory over the other in the finals.

They face off against Germany, with the U A team winning 3-0 on Sunday in the opener.

It will be an exciting game for both teams.

There will be plenty of action.

The men´s team will play Germany, and then the UAA will face Spain and the U GB team will face Brazil in the semifinal.

The final will be between the best two teams in women´S Soccer.

This competition will take the place of the men´ s and men´ rugby World Cup finals in 2020.

The Rugby World Cup also takes place at the same time, in 2022.

And although the Rugby World Cups are held at the end of the year, the women�s tournament can be played as early as March and May.

And while it´s still early in the bidding process for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, there are some preliminary bids in the works.

And there is no doubt the bids will be competitive.

There have been several bidding wars over the past couple of years.

The bidding wars are not new.

The last time bids were put forth was in 2012, when two bids were made in the same year.

The bids for the 2017 and 2022 FIFA World Cups were announced in January of 2018, but no bids have been received yet. In


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