Why was a Polish World Cup chant “the best in the world” and why it won’t win over soccer fans

It’s been a long time coming for the Polish national anthem, but that doesn’t mean the song won’t get a chance to go big again this summer.

It’ll be played at the FIFA world cup in 2018, but it will also make its debut on Saturday, when the U21 team plays Slovakia at the World Cup.

The World Cup’s anthem, which is written in Polish, has long been a popular one among fans, with some citing it as the most popular in the history of the tournament.

The Polish song, which the country began singing in 1924, has become a symbol of the country’s independence, pride and triumph.

The song was first sung by the country at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, but a World War II-era ban on Polish-language songs during the war left the country without one for years.

It was finally reinstated in the 1980s and has been sung by Polish teams ever since.

But after the country suffered a devastating drought in 2016, it was replaced by the national anthem at a ceremony on July 4 in the capital, Warsaw.

The anthem will also be sung by players in the squad at the 2018 FIFA U21 World Cup, the tournament in Russia which begins on July 18.

It was a decision that was met with some controversy, with the president of the Federation of Polish Football, Jozef Pajic, tweeting that the song was “not a good one.”

Pajic said that he would prefer to see the anthem be sung during the World Cups.

He added that it would be the best anthem in the entire world.

“We must start a new anthem, it would make the world a better place,” he said.

“And I think the best is still in the World cup.

That is a good thing.”

The country’s national team has had some issues since then, with several players suffering from illness.

They also lost their spot in the group stage of the 2017 World Cup in Brazil, when they were eliminated in the second round by Germany.


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