Why the Netherlands were so unlucky to win the World Cup in 1974

With the Netherlands winning the 1974 World Cup, they were the first country to ever do so.

The Netherlands’ World Cup success was due to their strong midfielders, the likes of Dennis Bergkamp, Joris-Axel Witsel and Jeroen van den Berg.

But it was the Netherlands who took the lead for the opening game of the second leg.

The Netherlands were trailing 2-1 with less than 15 minutes remaining in the first leg at the Nordschleife, and Dutch coach Paul van den Bergh took a decision to change the tactics from the previous game.

In the first half, van den Brug had his first shot on target when he found himself in possession, but it was not enough.

After the first goal, the Dutch were reduced to 10 men in the box.

After the second goal, Dutch coach Jeroan de Jong changed the tactics to give more men a chance to score.

This time, however, the ball had to be played backwards.

This was in contrast to the previous match, where the Netherlands had been dominating the midfield.

The Dutch had been so strong in possession in the previous leg, it was only a matter of time before they could take over and score the first.

As the Dutch played their own ball forward, they had two options.

First, they could play with 10 men and try to score a goal.

They would need to score two goals, but the Netherlands would score at least one more, and they would have a much better chance to break the deadlock.

The second option was to try to get the ball back into their midfield, but then their opponents would be looking for an open goal.

That was exactly what happened in the second half, as the Dutch conceded two goals.

The players that were in the middle of the pitch had no real option to turn the ball forward.

The Dutch players could only stand and watch the goal being scored, and in the end, it came back to van denberg.

He could have had two more goals in the match, but he missed both, and the Netherlands conceded three more goals to clinch the victory.

For the Dutch fans, this was the moment of truth.

The club could have gone all out to beat the Netherlands, but they were not going to be able to, because the Netherlands could score two more in the game.

They were too good to go through with a 1-0 win.

This is a story of a team that had great talent, but not enough to get a result, and a team who was too good for the Netherlands to beat.


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