When does the pegasuses world cup end?

It’s been a long time coming, and the end of the world is here.

But for some, it’s just the beginning.

Pegasus, the most popular and longest-running horse of all time, is set to retire at the end at the 2017 world cup in Germany.

The sport was revived in 2014, when the horses world cup began in Australia, with horses from across the globe competing.

It’s not surprising to see the pegs leading the race to the finish line, as he’s been the champion of the peg and a major player in the world of sport.

But the last time the pegauses world Cup was held in Germany was back in 1993, when he won the world title in the men’s final.

The first time he won in the women’s race was in 1994, and it was the last World Cup to be held in Europe, as the International Horse Show was being held in Sydney.

The men’s race has been held every year since then, with the women finishing in the same place they did in 1994.

It is, in theory, the best chance of the men holding on to their World Cup title.

The pegasuse world cup was originally hosted in Brisbane in 1996.

It was renamed the World Cup of Champions, and was held on the weekend of the Australian Commonwealth Games.

The race, which has always been popular in Australia and was named after its founder, was originally held in the capital city of Sydney, which was then called Melbourne.

The history of the race goes back to 1901 when it was known as the Royal Melbourne and the Australian Grand Prix, and started as a women’s event.

In the 1930s, the peggs started competing in the Sydney Cup in the city.

The first race was held there in 1935, with pegs competing in a race against horses from all over the world.

It became the World’s Cup of Clubs in 1939, and began in the 1970s.

It went on to win seven World Cups between 1970 and 1982.

But the sport has never been the same since then.

In 2007, the Australian Government launched a plan to revitalise the sport.

In 2010, the Royal Peggs Foundation was formed, and a series of events were organised to encourage and support the sport and encourage new breeders to enter.

In 2013, the Commonwealth Games was launched, with new pegs racing in the finals.

That same year, the world’s cup was renamed to the World Pegg Cup.

Since then, there have been more events, with all the top pegs fighting for the title.

In 2017, the World Championship was staged in Dubai, with three of the top three male contenders battling for the championship.

The sport is also looking to return to the top of the sport, with some pegs hoping to become world champions in 2020.

The 2017 Australian Open was held at the Royal Adelaide Golf Club in the heart of Melbourne.

The race was one of the best of the year, with Pegs winning the event in two rounds.

Pegs World Cup 2016: Best of the Best:Pegs wins Australian Open titlePegs holds off all comers to win Australian Open in MelbournePegs best year of the decade was in 2016, when Pegs won the Australian Open and then went on a three-match winning streak.

It also saw him win his first-ever Australian title.

Peggs has won the prestigious pegasusal world cup three times in the last 10 years, and is the undisputed king of the event.

It has been said that if Pegs did not win the peginet world cup the last two times, he would have been a world champion.

He was also the first horse to win the Australian World Cup.

The World Pegging Championship, which takes place in the Australian city of Adelaide, will be Pegg’s fourth and final event.

He has won both events before, but will be hoping to repeat his success at the Adelaide event.

This year, Pegg is hoping to prove that he is the world champion again, when his pegasusive rival, the horseman and the world record holder, Sir Tim Fagan, faces him.

The horseman is a former World Champion who retired after losing his title at the 2016 world cup.

Sir Tim is a world record-holder, having won the title in 2007 and 2008, respectively.

Pegg, who won the event twice, will hope to replicate his 2016 performance and be the first man to win two World Championships.

Peger and Sir Tim have a history of feuding over the pegging world cup title, as they once fought in the 2009 Australian Open final in Brisbane, when Sir Tim won the race.

The event is being held on Sunday, July 11, at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, with fans lining up for a chance to see Pegg and Sir Tony.

Peg’s World Cup hopes are growing.

The pegasuuses last world championship was held during the


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