When do Brazilians really start to realise they’ve won the World Cup?

The moment it’s been a dream for many Brazilian football fans for decades, Brazilians will get their first taste of the big one when they take to the pitch on Sunday when they host the hosts of the World Club Championship in the first game in Brazil.

But the real fireworks are expected to be in the air when the World Cups final takes place at Estadio do Dragão on November 11.

While many fans will get behind their national team on the field, it is the fans who are going to be the most focused in the stadiums when the final is on the line.

The biggest change in this year’s World Cup will be the absence of the famous “Brasil Cup”, the national team’s pre-World Cup friendlies, and the arrival of a bigger and more intimate format for the games.

The Brazilian soccer giant have been criticised for their decision to make the Brazil World Cup a “friend” of the Copa América, with a group of friends in the stands.

But according to the president of the Brazilian Football Federation (FFB), Paulo Ferreira, the changes are all about getting Brazil’s football fans more engaged with the games and making it a bit more like the World Games.

“This is a major change, this is a way of trying to bring people closer together and to make them understand the passion of our football players,” Ferreir said.

“I have been to Brazil many times and I know how passionate the fans are.

I’m not saying this will make us the best team in the world but this is an attempt to change our image.

We’re going to have a World Cup final and a lot of people are going watch this game.”

Ferreira was speaking ahead of Brazil’s World Club Cup against Colombia, which takes place in Rio de Janeiro on December 3.

“The fans are the key, and we have to change how we play to win the World Series,” he said.

But is Brazil’s “friendship” with the Copas Américas really as strong as it has been portrayed?

Ferreir also defended the decision to exclude Brazil from the final of the tournament by explaining that the Brazilian fans are just a fraction of the population and that the Copal is an important part of Brazil.

“We have no problem with people of other countries watching us play.

But Brazilians, we’re very proud of what they are doing.

They are a proud nation and we need to do what we can to support them,” he added.”

I think Brazil is a great country, it’s a great nation and the fans know how much we love them.”

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