What’s next for the world’s top cricket stars?

The world’s best cricket players are gearing up for the 2015 World Cup and the latest edition of the Vuvuzelas global popularity poll.

Key points:The popularity poll has been released ahead of the tournament’s final stagesTwo months before the tournament begins, Australia’s Joe Root and South Africa’s Graeme Swann are the top three most popular playersThe poll also has two of the best cricket fans in the world – Australian Test star Joe Root is number one with 1.5 million fans while South Africa star Graeme Schuster is number two with 1 million fansAustralia’s Joe Test is the top-ranked cricketer in the survey, ahead of New Zealand’s Brendon McCullum and India’s Virat KohliThe poll has also found two of Australia’s best fans – Australian cricket great Steve Smith and Australian Test player Joe Root.

The World Cup is set to kick off in Sydney on June 10, but it is likely that the first game between the teams will not be played until September 14.

Both Root and Swann, who have been dubbed the “Big Two” by some of the most respected figures in the sport, are in the top 10 of the poll.

The most popular cricket player is the South African opener Root, with a record of 1.75 million fans.

The Australian is also the top Test player with 1,092,000 fans.

Smith is in second place with 1123,000 and Schuster, third with 821,000.

The poll reveals that the most popular sport is also Australia’s favourite.

The popularity of soccer is second at 1.54 million.

The popularity of the US sport is third with 935,000 followers.

Sport fans are also keen on football with a fan base of 1,836,000, with more than half a million people following the sport in Australia.

In Australia, a number of stars have been included in the poll, including Adelaide United captain Nick Cummins and the current South Africa captain Jos Buttler.

Former England and England captain Michael Vaughan has also been included among the top five players.

Former Australia captain and South African captain Graeme Willems is number eight.

The survey also has one of the world, if not the world or even the biggest cricket fan in the country, Australian Test cricketers Australia’s Brendons McCullum, New Zealand captain Brendon Stokes and South Australia’s Viran Bopara.

The numbers of people who are fans of cricket and sport is inversely related to the popularity of cricket in the nation, with people who like cricket more in Australia than in any other country in the World Cup.


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