How to get ready for the World Cup qualifier in Qatar

The World Cup qualifiers are just days away.

The first match will take place in the UAE, with a second in Pakistan and a third in Qatar.

So, what to do about the heat?

Here are some tips for getting fit, getting your body fit and staying cool in the heat.

How to get fitIf you’re in the mood to take a break, here are some advice for staying cool during the heatwave.1.

Keep the heat off your feetIf you want to take on the challenge of the World Club Cup qualifier, here’s a simple but effective way to cool down.

Use your phone or laptop to keep an eye on your heart rate and the temperature of your surroundings.2.

Keep your eyes on the skyTake a deep breath and close your eyes.

Imagine being in a place where there is no sun.

It will be a place of comfort.

Breathe in and out slowly for a minute or two.

The sun will shine through your skin.


Put on some clothingTake a warm towel or cotton jacket to wear, but if you can’t afford one, consider taking a jacket or scarf.

Make sure you have enough space for your head, arms and legs to fit comfortably in your head.4.

Do a body scan If you’re worried about getting a heat stroke, you can do a body scanner test to see if you have heat symptoms.

You can also go for a scan at home if you’re concerned about your health.5.

Use a vaporiserIf you have a cold or flu, try using a vaporizer to cool off.

You don’t need to buy a whole lot, but you may find that it helps to cool the body down and your body’s core temperature.6.

Keep an eye out for ticksIf you’ve had a tick bite, take a cold shower and keep a cool head.

You’ll likely be better off without ticks for the rest of the day.7.

Exercise outsideIf you don’t have a gym membership, try running.

If you can walk and run, try walking with a trainer.8.

Drink waterAvoid caffeinated beverages like coffee, tea and sports drinks.

This is because it’s known to raise the temperature.9.

Exercise with a warm blanketYou can also try to do some outdoor sports like volleyball and soccer.10.

Use an air conditionerIf you can afford it, buy an air conditioning unit.

It’s great for people who have a warm home.11.

Take a cool bathIf you need to wash off the excess water, you could try taking a bath in hot water, then using a hot towel.

It’ll help to cool you down.12.

Don’t drink cold waterThe temperature in Qatar is very low, so it’s not ideal to drink cold or hot water.13.

Don´t eat cold foodsTake a cold snack and enjoy it with a hot beverage.14.

Keep a cool showerWhile you’re at it, keep a towel handy to dry off and wash your face.15.

Eat fresh foodIf you like eating fresh foods, try some organic, healthy food.

Some vegetables and fruits are best to eat raw, rather than cooked.

If you eat processed foods, don’t worry, it’s OK to eat some organic food.16.

Drink plenty of waterTry not to drink any water.17.

Wear a maskWhen you’re not in the sun, you should cover your face to prevent the sunburn that can cause heat stroke.18.

Don`t put on sunscreenIf you use sunscreen, take it off before you go outside.19.

Use earplugsIf you do wear a helmet, use earplinks.20.

Drink lots of fluidsIf you get too hot, drink plenty of fluids.

Keep some in a glass of water for emergencies.


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