How a $100 million prize could be made available to a team of esports stars, a decade later

The world cup pool for next year’s world championship in China was recently awarded a $10 million prize.

The world cup in 2021 will be the first of its kind to award an esports prize pool of more than $100m.

It will also be the biggest prize pool ever awarded to a single sport, with $6.4 billion going to sports in 2020.

This prize pool is the first ever of its type in esports and will be one of the largest ever for any sport.

The $10m prize is the largest esports prize fund in the world and was announced on Friday.

It’s not the first time a sports prize fund has been awarded this way.

In 2011, the Chinese government awarded a prize fund worth $20 million to professional esports teams and esports leagues.

It was set to expire in 2020, but China’s gaming authorities extended the fund until 2022.

The new prize pool for the 2020 world cup was announced by China’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, which said it was awarded “to encourage the development of competitive gaming and esports in China.”

The 2018 World Cup in Qatar, which was hosted by the Qatar 2022 government, had the biggest esports prize ever awarded, with more than half of its prize money going to esports.

The prize fund will go to teams competing in the 2022 World Cup and the 2022 Asian Games, according to an official statement from the 2018 World Football Championships and the 2018 European Championships.

The 2022 World Football Championship is scheduled to be held in the United Arab Emirates, and a 2022 Asian Football Confederation tournament is scheduled for next month in China.

In 2018, the FIFA World Cup finals were held in China, and the World Cup of Hockey will be held there in 2022.


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