World Cup list: Who is the most powerful woman in the world?

The world cup is in full swing.

Here’s a look at the top five powerhouses in the sporting world.1.

Serena Williams: Serena has taken the world by storm with her stunning performance in the 2016 women’s world cup.

Williams is the highest-paid player in world tennis, with an estimated annual earnings of $15.6 billion.

She is a four-time Grand Slam champion and is the only player to win the title twice in a row.

Williams also holds the record for most career Grand Slam singles titles, as well as women’s singles titles.

Serene won the women’s doubles title three times in a short period of time and in 2009 was the first woman to win a Grand Slam doubles title.

Williams has also won two Grand Slams in her career.

She has won five titles in total.2.

Maria Sharapova: Maria Sharavana is the Russian-born world No. 1 tennis player, having won four titles during a career that spans 15 years.

Sharapov, 31, is a three-time World No. 3.

Sharavanna won four consecutive Wimbledon titles in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

She also won a pair of Australian Open titles in 2016.

She was the reigning WTA champion and the first player to break into the women’ts main draw.

Sharapova is a two-time WTA world No 3 and a four time Grand Slam No.1 player.

She won the titles in 2013 and 2016.

Sharavanas most recent victory came at the Australian Open in 2017.3.

Venus Williams: Venus Williams has been a force on the tennis court since her debut at the World Championships in 2006.

The world No 1 is the reigning Wimbledon champion and has won three Wimbledon singles titles during her career with an average of 23.7 points per set.

Williams was the WTA’s women’s top player at the 2015 and 2016 Australian Open, and she has also taken home the titles at the ATP World Tour Finals, Australian Open and ATP World Championship.

Williams has won four Wimbledon doubles titles.

She will be the first tennis player to hold the women no. 1 title in each of her four championships.4.

Novak Djokovic: Djokos 2016 season was marred by a wrist injury that left him unable to compete.

Djokots first season was a struggle, with him missing five matches with a fractured wrist.

He recovered and took the Open final.

Djoks second season was even worse, and he was sidelined for six months with an injured wrist and shoulder.

But the Serbian player has never been more motivated to improve and won three Grand Slam titles during his time with the ATP.5.

Roger Federer: Federer, 31-year-old Spaniard, has won 11 majors in his career.

The former champion has won all five ATP titles during that time.

The two-times Grand Slam winner has won every ATP event during his career, as he has been the No. 2 player in the game and the No: 2 player worldwide.

The Swiss is also a three time Grand Tour winner, with a record of 22-8.6 and he has a record-setting 10 Grand Slam title titles.

The last time he won a major was in 2018.6.

Rafael Nadal: Nadal has won 10 Grand slams during his 15-year career.

Nadal, 32, is one of the top players in the sport and has a 19-4 record in the ATP Tour.

Nadals win rate is one half of that of the next best player in ATP history, Stan Wawrinka.

Nadalis wins at least three Grand slams a year and he is the top-ranked player in history in the history of the sport.

He is the first to hold four titles in the men’s and women’s ATP Tour Finals.7.

Sereina Williams: Williams is a five-time world No1 and has played on three different grand tours.

She holds the WTF title in women’s tennis and has held the WPT title in singles.

Williams won her first career Wimbledon title in 2009 and the French Open title in 2012.

Williams holds the women singles record and is also the only woman to have won the title once in a year.

Williams made history in 2019 when she became the first women’s player to ever win Wimbledon and the US Open, breaking the all-time record for women’s points in a match.8.

Venus Lendl: Lendler is the second highest paid female tennis player in women and has an estimated earnings of about $17.3 million per year.

Lendel is the fourth-highest paid player in tennis history and the highest paid player overall in women.

She became the second-highest-paid female player in 2016 when she signed a five year deal worth $25 million.

Lends highest earnings came in 2014 when she won the Wimbledon women’s title.9.


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