World Cup 2019: Benjy fishy’s world cup hopes are dashed

By Paul Daley-O’ConnellThe world cup is a huge deal.

It means so much to so many people.

But when the games begin in just a couple of weeks time, it can mean more than the money that will be on the line.

Benjy Fishy, one of the biggest football stars in New Zealand, has been in a serious battle with an infection.

He’s had a blood transfusion and now has a few weeks to recover.

His family and friends have been shocked by the news, with many saying he will be in intensive care and he is battling for his life.

We know that Benjyan has been battling for quite some time.

But we’re also hoping for some positive news, we are hoping for his best, but at the moment we are in a really bad situation, his father, David Fishy told 7.30.

But Benjym’s family say he’s in an amazing condition, and that he’s ready to fight on.

Benji is only 25 years old.

He has a lot to offer and his talent is so big.

He’s the biggest player in New Zeland, but he’s also a great sportman.

Ben Jysh, Benjyn’s father, told 7:00 there’s a lot of good things happening in his family.

I’ve got my wife, our two boys and my two girls.

And my boys have a lot more confidence in Benjys.

He wants to get better and he wants to win and that’s what Ben Jysy is going to do, he said.

BenJysh is optimistic that he will play again this year, even if it is a year from now.

He said he’s already talked to some doctors, he is on track to return.

The Fishys have set up a GoFundMe page, with an eye on raising money for his medical expenses, which could be much higher than what the world cup can give.

We’re just trying to make it as normal as possible, his dad said.

We have had a lot going on over the last week, his wife said.

I just want to say thank you to everybody that has been helping Benji, he’s been doing a fantastic job, and we really appreciate all the support that has come through this.

The world’s top footballers, including Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney, have been among those calling on Benjies family and supporters to help with his recovery.

“If you’ve been with him for the last four years, I would like to say that we’re all going to miss you, his mum, Jill said.

But the Fishys hope the World Cup could be his best chance at making a comeback.

It will be a huge honour for him to represent New Zealand at the World cup, but it is also a big honour for his family to see him play, his family said.

I don’t think you could be a better family, his mother, Jill, said.

So we’re just hoping that the tournament and the World Cups can make it a little bit better for his health and that we can keep him around and give him the support and encouragement he needs to make the most of it.

Ben jysh says he’s still going to fight for his country and the game, and he has no plans to quit.


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