When the world’s best players won’t come to Australia?

The world’s greatest football players are not attending the 2017 Australian Football League Grand Final.

It’s a massive blow for Australia, but a blow that should be addressed.

When the AFL announced that the 2016-17 season would be played in Melbourne instead of Canberra, fans were rightly sceptical.

But they have now had their doubts confirmed.

The AFL is planning a new fixture.

The 2017 Grand Final will be played on the same weekend as the FIFA World Cup.

FIFA is planning to hold the finals in the same city as the World Cup, but it is not clear if the Grand Final would be held in the city where the finals are to be held.

And this is not a coincidence.

In the past the AFL has played games in the heart of Melbourne, but in recent years they have played games at Adelaide Oval.

Melbourne has hosted many major international sporting events, and a football grand final is a natural fit for the city.

If there was ever a game in which the Australian public could be reassured about the integrity of the game in the state of Victoria, it is the 2017 Grand Finals.

The grand final was also the first time that the Australian flag would be flown in front of a scoreboard.

While the grand final would not be played at the same time as the 2017 grand final, it would be a significant moment for Australia and the game of football in Victoria.

Since 2014, Victoria has hosted the World Championship, the World Series and the Commonwealth Games.

So if the AFL was to play its final game at a time when the AFL is hosting its World Cup Finals, there is no doubt that it would also be playing its final World Cup Grand Final in Victoria at a moment when Victoria is preparing for the 2019 World Cup finals.

What happens if the 2017 World Cup final is played in Canberra?

The grand finals are not the only game of sport in Australia to be moved to the state capital.

The World Cup is also to be played away from Victoria.

It has been confirmed that the 2017 Melbourne Cup Final will take place in Canberra instead of Melbourne.

This will mean that there will be no AFL grand final in Victoria in 2019.

The world cup will play its first match at the new Allianz Stadium, but will be replaced by a match at ANZ Stadium.

This will make the finals at ANL Stadium the third-longest-running football competition in the country.

The announcement of the change of venue comes after the AFL made a deal with the Victorian Government in September 2017 to host the 2018 World Cup in Canberra.


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