When the World Cup was about to go to Spain, there was a major twist in the plan – and the twist had nothing to do with the final

With the 2022 World Cup taking place in South Africa, the idea of the tournament being played in South America was a bit of a hit.

But the original plan to play it in South-East Asia was scrapped because of the Zika virus pandemic, which had just been declared a global public health emergency. 

There was a big political push to move the tournament to China, but there were also a lot of logistical hurdles, including the fact that it was an Asia-wide event.

That led to a decision to play the tournament in South East Asia instead.

But even if it had been in South Asia, there would have been a lot more logistical hurdles to overcome than just the Zika pandemic. 

So why did it happen?

In the short term, the Zika outbreak was making the South American region a much more expensive and risky destination.

There are now only a handful of places left in the world that can host the tournament, but in South Korea and Japan there are very few of the venues that the World Cups have traditionally been played in.

The only major exceptions were in the 1980s when the tournament was held in Mexico and the 1980 Olympics in Iran. 

And while it would be a big change for the sport, it’s likely to be a good one for the host countries.

South-east Asia has been one of the most lucrative markets in the Asia-Pacific region, and there is no reason why the 2022 tournament can’t be played there as well. 

But in the long term, it could prove to be quite a gamble, given the way things have been going for the Asian Football Confederation. 

South Korea is hosting the tournament for the first time, and while it may not be the most glamorous place to host a major sporting event, the country is the only one that is facing serious health issues related to the Zika epidemic. 

It is also not a particularly popular destination for the 2022 host nation, with South Korea’s economy being on the decline. 

Despite the economic downturn and the ongoing pandemic there are also concerns that the virus could be spreading in South Korean society, and this has put the spotlight on the World cup as a potential venue for a major game. 

According to the South Korean Football Association, the national health agency, South Korea was the top destination for people with the virus. 

However, the World football tournament has been postponed for several weeks due to the health crisis. 

The South Korean federation said the World Football tournament was cancelled due to Zika.

It has also announced that it is postponing all of its games in the country. 

In a statement released to the media, the SAFC said: “We are aware of the ongoing Zika outbreak.

We will continue working together to ensure that the event is a successful one.” “

We sincerely regret that the South Korea national team will not be able to participate in the World Soccer Cup 2019. 

We will continue working together to ensure that the event is a successful one.” 

South Korean officials have also promised to look into hosting the World championships in Japan, although this may be a long shot given the current political climate. 

One of the big problems for the South Koreans is that they don’t have the infrastructure to run a major sports tournament on a regular basis. 

They also have to take into account the Zika issue, which is why South Korea has said that the 2022 game will be played at the Olympic Stadium in the capital, Seoul. 

What do you think?

Should South Korea host the 2022 FIFA World Cup?

Let us know in the comments below. 

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