When is the World Cup in Italy?

It’s a question that has puzzled many football fans for years, but the question is finally being asked by the players themselves.

With the tournament set to kick off on June 15, there has been a constant flow of questions from the Italian media as to when the world cup will be held.

The tournament is set to take place from June 15-19 in Rome, and with the calendar having been set by the World Rugby, the date could easily change.

So, where will it take place?

While it’s been confirmed that it will be played at the Olimpico in Rome on June 14, there are some interesting possibilities that could take place in Italy during the World Cups.

The first of these is the possibility of playing in Milan, as it is a city which has traditionally hosted the Italian World Cup.

Milan has hosted the tournament five times, with the last event taking place in 2011, the last time the city hosted the event.

The second possibility is that the tournament will take place at the Estadio di Venezia in the south of Italy, as that city is known for hosting the World Championship in 2019.

The third possibility is the venue is the San Paolo, but that doesn’t seem likely given the recent history of hosting the tournament in the city.

The fourth possibility is Milan itself, with it being the host of the final of the World Club Cup earlier this year, which was held at the Olympic Stadium.

However, with both the San Paulo and the San Pio still not fully booked, it seems unlikely that the World cup will take to Milan or Rome.

There are also a number of other possibilities that have been mentioned by the media, such as the possibility that the games will be staged in Italy’s southern suburbs, or that they might be played in the old town of Genoa.

In any case, the tournament is being played at a time when the country is looking to strengthen its image, and there has to be a sense of pride that is being felt.

The timing of the tournament seems to be just right for Italy to bring the tournament to the country.

With Italy’s national team facing an uphill battle against the likes of Scotland, Wales and Wales and Northern Ireland, the world’s top players have been showing their patriotism and pride in Italy.

The fact that the world is starting to get a feel for what’s happening with Italy’s team is a positive thing for the country and will allow them to gain more confidence, said Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci.

“I’m proud to be playing in Italy and I’m proud of my teammates,” he told reporters after the 1-1 draw against Ireland.

“There’s no other country I can be proud of as being here.

This is an honour to be here.”

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